Jamal Saado

Nadia, a Yazidy young lady

was living in her small village that called Kojo. she had a very simple life like all other Yazidis in Sinjar, and was living gladly with her family, she was dreaming on finishing her school.
Then on one day everything seemed to be impossible for Nadia ,her family and all Yazidis. The life of all Yazidis in Sinjar was upside down in only one single day ! And here Nadia’s dream became a nightmare.
On 3 of Aug when ISIS militants(Islamic state in Iraq and Sirya) attacked Sinjar’s area and all villages and districts that are related to it , every Yazidi family rushed and struggled in order to get the top of Sinjar’s mountain , some of them were escaped by their cars and others depend upon their feet since they had no cars, But unfortunately many of those people didn’t get a chance of escaping. the ISIS militants killed nearly 5000 of Yazidi people and abducted more than 6000 people including,children, men, women, and old people,leaving others to starve in the mountain without food and water. Meanwhile the ISIS terrorists started to loot all what those powerless people collected in many years of working and tiredness .

The terrorism didn’t stop at that point but went on to exterminate the Yazidi people using all routes of death.
Kojo, was the place where Nadia and her family were living in beside nearly 400 other Yazidi families , this village that is located in the south side of the mountain became besieged by ISIS militants on 3 of Aug.
After a few days , exactly on 15 of Aug ISIS militants gathered all men and women in Kojo’s high school . they seperated and yanked them from each other after they took all money, gold, and all precious things they had,
after that they killed all men aggressively in the village and they took all children to enlist them and teach them how to use guns and women surely for sexy slavery .
Nevertheless, a very few men could survive from mass graves those men either were wounded or hid themselves under the corpses.
Sadly ,Nadia was among those women who have been abducted and lived in ISIS prisons.
Nadia had lost most of her family members .
Nadia has been subjected to all kinds of torment and has been used as sexy slave by ISIS militants.
Nadia who endured being sold, raped and suffered unimaginably.
After that tough time and indescribable tourture Nadia was able to survive from ISIS’s prisons in a way or another.
After she survived and joint her family that was never the same as before because of the members who got killed and kidnapped.
With all what happened to her and her family she fought the circumstances again by living in a camp with her family in Zakho and worked as laborer daily in a farm to get some money and to make her life up but she left the work when she couldn’t endure when the owner of the farm abused her.
Luckly, in that time the German government decided to take all survivors who escaped from ISIS captivity for a medical treatment, Nadia was one of those people when eventually she got to Germany, there she proved that she was not in Germany for treatment only, but to reach them her letter . Nadia held a letter of peace in her heart and tried hardly to awake the world and let them know about brutal crimes that Islamic state commited against the Yazidi nation.
She started to tell her story to all who were concerned and she participated in many international conferances and revealed everything happened with her when she was abducted without any hesitation.
Nadia by her courage, honesty, strength could deliver her message, her people’s message to the world and awake them from their deep sleep.
Nadia never stopped seeking Yazidian rights, she never got tired of telling her painful story, never being afraid of revealing ISIS’ facts and people who welcomed and helped ISIS .
With all efforts she made, she let the whole world know what happened to her, what hapoened to Yazidi, how the life of all Yazidis is tough in Iraq.

Nadia tried hardly, worked hard, fought tough times, overcame hard circumstances and finally she became a Goodwill ambessador last year.

Nadia was a condidate for Nobel peace prize in 2017 but unfortunately it was not awarded to her although she deserved it, because of peaceful message that she held and still holds in her heart.
In 2018 she had been nominated again with nearly 300 other people from all around the world and this time it was awarded to her.it was awarded to the one who deserved it.
Nadia is the best example of resistance and stability
Nadia is the first Iraqi person and second youngest woman in the world that got this prize
It’s a great achievment for all Yazidis
Nadia from a person in terrorism ‘s prisons to Goodwill ambassador
Nadia from a woman who lost everything to the winner of Nobel peace prize!
Nadia is the best prize for all Yazidis even for the whole world .
There are not enough words to describe you..!
We are looking forward to more success and more achievements.