Ezidi 24- Thiab Ghanim
Translated by: Nagham Aloka

Individuals who suffer impaired physical, mental, psychological, behavioral, educational or linguistic abilities are called special needs people due to their peers from the community and perform less well than normal people in life and therefore need help in adapting to society and community so that they can live their normal lives.

Displaced people suffer from the poor conditions in the camps and people with special needs suffer the most. Since they need more care than the others in health and psychological, they have difficulties to cope with the life at the camps and their presence there complicated the situation.

The most important problems that people with special needs face are problems of growth, problems of education and learning difficulties, mental problems. Their special needs include special social needs, special psychological and behavioral needs, special cognitive or educational needs, interactive or communicative needs, physical needs.

There are rights for those people same as the normal once. These rights include the right to live with respect and appreciation from others, the right to learn as much as possible, the health and social care right, the right to work in the fields that they have learned, the right to marry and have children, the right to participate in sports activities, and the right to participate, argue, to take the opinion whenever possible, the right of proprietorship if the disability doesn’t prevented them from doing so

One of the special needs children who spoke namelessly to Ezidi24 says. “It is difficult for everyone in the camps, how it’s not difficult for people with special needs in the absence of suitable conditions for them. There are organizations, especially organizations asking about our situation and what we are going through, but the question alone is not enough without any aid coming to us. There are those who receive support from time to time, and there are others who have never received them.”

“We demand as we have demanded before what we need, either it’s a crutch, wheelchair or health facilities that helps our situation and anything that could help us in walking and movement in addition to financial assistance and psychological support”. This is what he demanded through” Ezidi24

He stated at the end of his speech, “The government itself is handicapped and needs care. Perhaps we have become part of this group (people with special needs) since we are born, and that is our fate, but the state is the one who hampered itself. Otherwise, they would have taken care of us the state and the majority of its people. Some people make fun of us which makes our psychological situation worse. They do not know that there are other people and countries that make fun of them. If the government provides an appropriate environment and arranges training courses for different fields, it would have discovered talents that others do not.”

In an interview with the representative of the Human Rights Organization, Frankfurt Branch in Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Khalil Kassem Buzani, for Ezidi 24 stated that, “Normally, the situation of people with special needs is very bad in the tent environment where no care or concern of them. We as an organization, we try to help them as much as we could but they need more support from a larger number of organizations because they are a neglected class of the society”.

These people who suffer from physical or mental disabilities have a special share every time we distribute aid through groups or the volunteers in the camps who works to identify them and inform us. We try to help them more through the distribution of wheelchairs, crutches and beds, but these aids is not enough due to their difficult circumstances.

They have a place in our future plans and if they were supported and open courses for them, some of them have the potential not less than the potential of natural persons and able to work and some challenged the circumstances and continued to study and education until they graduate and this is the biggest evidence of their determination to work and by opening educational courses such as teaching musical instruments, teaching driving and drawing, good talents can be revealed” This is also what Buzani said.