Ezidi 24 _ Kojo 

The (Yezidi Documentation Organization) obtained information indicating that the government authorities represented by the Ministry of Education referred the ( Kojo ) School to rehabilitation and rebuilding projects.

Whereas in August 2018 the cabinet decided to turn the( Kojo) School, which was the scene of the genocide of the Yazidis, into a museum of memory by preserving the features of the crime and to be a living witness to what happened to the thousands of Yazidi women and girls.

The Ministry of Education, represented by the Education Directorate of Nineveh, is committing a flagrant violation of the rights of the victims’ families, in addition to violating a previous decision by the Supreme Council of Ministers.

Therefore, we call upon the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to turn around and work to stop the decision to manipulate the school under the pretext of rehabilitation and rebuilding , because mechanisms to deal with the scenes of crimes of genocide need other ways and mechanisms.