The Yazidi Spiritual Council renews its willingness by accepting the Yazidi survivors who are recently freed from DAESH and detained by IS terrorist group, who were forcibly converted and changed their religion, and were subject to sexual violence by IS.

A copy of statement received by Ezidi 24:
The council declared that the Yazidi spiritual council sent the Yazidi religious leader to Syria to follow up on the issue of abductees after the elimination of the ISIS as well as calling for searching for Yazidi people and returning them back.

The statement addressed that we remind the international community that the Yazidis were victims throughout the history, we( Yazidis) again proudly deal and welcoming our survivors with humanity and transparency.

The statement has issued on Wednesday 24.04.2018 and called on the international community and all its bodies to cooperate with us to rehabilitate these survivors through special programs.